Patches on My Soul - Album

by Robert Kerr

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Debut album by Robert Kerr who formerly played at the infamous CBGBs in New York City with Idiot Box


released September 6, 2015

all songs composed and written by Robert P. Kerr

Robert Kerr: vocals, rhythm guitar, slide guitar on Lean on Fire, Lead Guitar on Lost in the City, drums, percussion

Chris Kendrick: rhythm and lead guitar, slide guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums on Love on Its Own

Engineered at Whiskey Bear Studio, Virginia Beach



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Robert Kerr Virginia Beach, Virginia

Robert Kerr is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and drummer. He was fortunate enough to have performed at CBGB's in New York City as part of a former post-punk, jazz-art-rock band and got the infamous invite to come back and play. The CD "Patches on My Soul" is his solo debut. Supernova is the first shared/ single. latest single Long Way Gone is instrumental Jazz-Funk Fusion.. That & a heavy beat ... more

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Track Name: Patches on My Soul
There were words spoken
That can never be undone.
There's a wind com'in' on
Gonna take her only son.
That ship's cast off now
And with it the land begins to fade.
She said "please don't take my boy",
But thank God I go outta there today.

There are patches on my soul
You can't take away
Every scar I carry
Brought me to this place today.

I rode across the bad lands
Desert in my soul.
Came out on the mountains
Rode up in the cold.
Winds, they ate right through me
Nothin' but skin and bones.
Wrapped the reins real tight and said
"Thy will be done tonight!"

These are patches on my soul
You can take me if you like
Every scar I carry
It's like the penance for my life.

There's an animal howling
From the fear of nightmarish dreams.
You tell me these aren't my shackles
But why can't I break clean?
I'm sinking in your quicksand
Reaching out for the fading light
One child afraid of darkness
No longer afraid to fly.

There are patches on my soul
Covers the holes you made
Every scar I carry
Is the strength I have today

There are patches on my soul
Covers the holes you made
Every scar I carry
Is the strength I have today.

Robert Kerr, ASCAP
Track Name: Don't Worry 'Bout Me
Your gonna walk down the street again
Your gonna say bad things about me
Your gonna take your time and act real sad
Your gonna spring your trap on me
Your gonna cut me just deep enough
Act surprised to see me bleeed
Your gonna drop the raft down the side of your ship
And cheer "Hey, c'est la vie!"

Take your sweet time to set me free
Drink your sweet tea, don't worry 'bout me

I'm gonna walk the corners of my little raft
I'm gonna make her ship-shape as can be
I'm gonna carve my initials in that sweet little craft
And sail on those seven seas
I'm gonna bear down and make it
Wherever she takes me to
I'm gonna ride out those storms and take it
Into the ocean blue

Well take your sweet time, I am free
Dreaming of that island girl, don't worry bout me

I'm bound to find a home
Looking for that love of my own
There's a girl out there who knows
She don't need to worry 'bout me

I stumbled off my little ship
I found myself in a bit of a fog
I walked up that beach of golden sand
I smelled a little bit of party going on
Well, I did my best to make it
But I believe my lights went dim
That's when I heard a voice like heaven
She was struggling to reel me in

She said, "Take your sweet time, you are free,
drink up some sweet tea, don't worry 'bout me.

I'll take you back home
Where we can be alone
Make a life together,
Where we can be free.
Don't worry be free."

Robert Kerr, ASCAP